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Has your business ever accidentally lost or deleted critical business data either due to hardware or software errors, computer viruses, theft or simply due to human error? Do you have a professional approach to data backup or are you relying on your employees to back up on hard disks, cds and usb sticks and believe that back up is a hassle which takes time away from your core business?

Introducing Norman SecureBackup – because your data is business critical.

Norman SecureBackup is an easy, scalable and secure online backup solution for small and medium businesses, providing safe protection against the loss of critical business data, including files, databases and email

This truly secure and fully automated solution encrypts your data before letting it out of your network and keeps it safe by continuously replicating your data in two data centers located within the European Economic Community. It is a flexible and scalable solution aimed at growing with you as your backup needs change and as it is a cloud based solution, you don’t have to invest in any hardware or software infrastructure.

Features and benefits


Local Copy
A copy of your company’s data will always be archived locally for extra fast restore, while your data is simultaneously protected from fire, flood or any other digital danger by simultaneously being backed up to the cloud.


Secure Data Center
Our data center network provides exceptional security - and guarantees reliable access to your data 24/7. Your data is stored within the EEC.

Double Data

Double data center
Security copies are done automatically by the Online Backup agent at specific times of day or night. All new and old files are encrypted and transferred to two data centers at two different locations for secure backup.

Encryped backup

Encrypted backup
You choose your own encryption key when installing the program. Only you and your company have access to this key, which means no one else can access your backup data.

Data protection that grows with your business

Data protection that grows with your business
For a fixed fee, your data is backed up, with no unforeseen expenses or major investment in hardware or software.


Scalable solution
Norman SecureBackup scales with your business, so you don’t have to invest in new equipment when your need for archiving and storage increases.

Easy and instant setup

Easy and instant setup
Installing Norman SecureBackup is easy and fast. The backup client installs in 15 minutes, and backup of the data you selected will start at the times you have selected.

Restaure always available

Restore always available
Restoring backed up data can be done 24/7 at any time of day or night using a backup agent or web console.


Install the backup software on a single server, there is no need for an agent on all servers.


Disaster recovery
With the optional Disaster Recovery function, we back up an exact image of your system drive, including operating system and applications, for quick restore without needing to restore your programs, drivers etc.


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