Delay during installation of Norman Endpoint Protection to clients

Problem description

After installation of Norman Endpoint Protection is initiated on a client - either by push-install or .msi-install - nothing seems to be happening.


When installation is initiated on a client, two Norman processes will appear in the Task Manager - zlh.exe and zanda.exe. Zanda.exe is the Norman agent, which is responsible for getting the remaining files from the distribution point.

When nothing seems to be happening, one can get a clearer picture by running elogger.exe (...\norman\npm\bin), which will reveal that some activity is indeed taking place.

For instance - several lines like this will be seen:

Zanda.exe (0) NupdInitStates: Cannot find C:\Program Files\Norman\download\NVC208_002.NSA

Followed by lines like these:

Zanda.exe (0) Zanda.cpp(540): NupdInitStatesEx() returned NUPDRC_MUST_GET_ARCHIVE
Zanda.exe (0) Waiting for connection to server

Zanda will eventually connect to the distribution point after an intentional delay and finish the installation on the client. The delay is set to 20 minutes by design to minimize load on the network and the distribution point.

If the installation is part of a test-environment, Zanda can be forced to take action immidiately, by running the command

zanda /updatenow

When Zanda finally connects to the distribution point, this line will show in elogger:

Zanda.exe (0) Resource nix://0/distrib is on-line

After Zanda connects to the distribution point, the remaining files will be downloaded and the installation will finalize a few minutes later.

Date Published: 2009.12.03   Date Updated: 2012.11.14