SecureBox getting started

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First things first! Downloading the client to your machine and installing it locally will be the first step to succesfully use SecureBox.


Afterwards you can easily create a new account or import an existing one on the first screen you see after launching our product.
To install SecureBox on Mac OS, open the mounted disk image file (.dmg) and drag the application into the applications folder.
Now that you have successfully installed SecureBox and you have created your account. The next steps you may want to take are:
About this SecureBox Getting Started Guide
The main purpose of this SecureBox Getting Started Guide is to help you get up and running with SecureBox quickly and easily.
You will find descriptions of the main SecureBox concepts and step-by-step instructions for the most common tasks you will perform with SecureBox.
If you need detailed instructions for more advanced tasks, view the other SecureBox support articles.

Date Published: 2014.09.08   Date Updated: 2014.09.08