Problem: Cclaw error messages


We have recieved several reports regarding crash in the Cclaw.exe component. This crash message typically looks like this:

An unexpected error occured in Norman Virus Control
Module : cclaw.exe
Location : CClaw.c(252)
Time Stamp: Jan 12 2005
Error Code : 00000079
Error Tect : Mutex Timeout


Location: CClaw.c(291)
Time Stamp: Jan 12 2005
Error Code: 00000001
Error text: Invalid function

Note! Despite of this error message, NVC will still protect your system. It’s more an annoyance than a security problem.


Due to the significant number of malware signatures added to the definition files the last few months, the memory requirement for Norman Virus Control has increased. We now recommend at least 128MB RAM, preferrably 256 MB RAM. If you are not able to fulfill the preferred RAM requirement, or if you despite of fulfilling it still experience cclaw.exe crashes, you should try one or more of the following procedures in an attempt to solve the problem:

Procedure 1: Repair the installation

  1. Run the file c:\norman\nvc\bin\delnvc5.exe
  2. Choose Repair|Next|Finish 
  3. Wait at least 5 minutes 
  4. Reboot your computer

Procedure 2: Deactivate Norman Internet Protection

Norman Internet Protection (NIP) is the module responsible for scanning mail, news and MSN traffic. This module gives an extra layer of protection. However, should malware somehow slip through NIP, the On-Access scanner will work as a second protection layer that will prevent the malware from infecting the system. This means that NIP can be deactivated without compromising system security. By deactivating NIP the total memory use of NVC will be decreased.

  1. Right click the N-icon, choose Configuration Editor 
  2. Choose Norman Virus Control|Components|Start 
  3. Untick Internet Protection 
  4. Save

Procedure 3: Increase the page file 

  1. Choose Start|Settings|Control panel 
  2. Enter the System settings 
  3. Choose Performance, then Virtual Memory 
  4. Choose “Let me specify my own virtual memory settings" 
  5. Enter 1000 in the Maximum field

Procedure 4: Uninstall or deactivate startup programs

There is a high probability that your computer is running active programs that does not need to be active. While these programs are active they will occupy some of the system memory. To free up memory used by such programs, use the following procedure:

  1. Choose Start|Run and write: msconfig
  2. Push the OK button or press Enter
  3. Remove the checkmark from programs not needed to launch at startup 

Note! Norman is working with high priority on a project that aims to dramatically reduce the memory requirement of NVC.

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