How do I enter my new license key in Norman System Speedup


I have renewed my license and received a new license key. Where do enter the key?


1.       Start Norman System Speedup from Start|All Programs|Norman System Speedup (or by double-clicking the System Speedup icon in the task bar).

2.       Click Check Registration at the bottom right

3.       Remove the old license key

4.       Add the new license key

5.       Click OK

Please note! If the license has already expired the Check Registration button will have been replaced by a Buy now button. If this is the case you will have to uninstall the program and reinstall it with your new license key.

Please note! In some rare cases the program will report that the license has expired even after you have entered a new valid key. To solve this you will have to reinstall the program.


Please follow the instructions here to reinstall.


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