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Norman Safeground to launch Norman SecureBackup

Oslo, 3 September 2013 A report from Spiceworks* shows that most small and medium-sized companies are considering using online backups and all the benefits this offers. Even so, companies are continuing to use their cumbersome traditional solutions, primarily on account of concerns about security and data control.

We have seen a clear demand in the market and among our partners. Customers want to change, but they have been unable to do so. This is why we are launching a solution which will give our customers the opportunity to use safe, secure, cloud-based backups,” says Arne Uppheim, Product Director at Norman Safeground.

Norman SecureBackup provides the solution to these challenges; an easy, automatic backup solution which is both affordable and scalable and can be implemented straight away. This solution is also very intuitive, allowing users to recover deleted and lost files at any time, right down to individual file and mail level.

Norman SecureBackup is a comprehensive and fully automated backup solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, providing protection against the loss of critical business data. This solution addresses the most crucial reason as to why companies are hesitating when it comes to adopting the benefits of online backup – concerns about security and control over data.

Norman SecureBackup uses strong end-to-end encryption, so only users are able to access their own data. Users can control security and where the data is located so that it is always available when needed. Norman has a number of data centres in Norway and Sweden, and all data is stored securely at a number of discrete data centres in different locations. Users will continue to have full access to their services and data even if one of the data centres were to be disabled by a fire or other such incident. Data is not stored outside the EEA, which is an advantage over alternative solutions on the market.

Quite simply, backups are a matter of survival for companies. Surveys have shown that the majority of companies experiencing catastrophic data loss were declared bankrupt within two years. Many companies that think they have backups would not be capable of restoring their data in any case,” says Uppheim.

Traditional backups are considered – with some justification – to be cumbersome, resource-intensive and insecure. For many companies, the latest backups may also be lost in the event of a fire, theft, water damage or natural disaster.

It is a clear advantage for customers and partners to have access to secure backup solutions from Norman Safeground, in addition to the existing product portfolio of the same Norwegian supplier.

For more information, please contact:
Arne Uppheim, Product Director, Norman
Tel.: 481 88 095


* “How SMBs are Backing Up: Solutions, Trends & Challenges”, Spiceworks March 2013.


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