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Norman Security Portal is an easy to use, cloud based solution to administrate endpoint security in your network. 

It is developed for both businesses and partners for handling multiple customers, protecting computers both on- and off-premise with around the clock antivirus updates.

Access Norman Security Portal from anywhere and generate installers, manage endpoints and view the security status of your network directly in your web browser.

Security has never been easier.


Key features:


Premier Protection of your network
Industry leading antivirus technology providing the best protection against malware.


Intuitive management The management dashboard will give you a comprehensive overview of your or your customer’s endpoint’s security status.


Granular management
For added security, fine tune the security settings on any level: customer, group or individual endpoint.


Flexible Customization
Customize your own security policy and reports.

Increase licenses 

Smart License Management
Your total license and active license numbers at a glance, extend and increase licenses directly from Norman Security Portal.


Easy Ordering & Fast Deployment
Order and deploy at once.


Excellent local support
Local technical support with fast response time and expertise in IT security.



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