Norman SecureBox Action Required message


For some reason, your Vault is no longer able to synchronize. The Vault will show the status "ActionRequired" next to it on your Norman SecureBox Dashboard.

Løsning på problemet

You can try to synchronize your Vault manually. To do this, click on the button next to your Vault on the Dashboard. Then select "Disconnect" to disconnect your Vault, and then "Connect" to reconnect your Vault. Syncronization will automatically start.

norman securebox dashboard

norman securebox menu     norman securebox menu

You can see the error details when "Show Activity Log". This can be found in the drop down menu of your Vault and will give you the error message. Sometimes copying the file listed in the error message and renaming it solves the problem.

norman securebox activity log

Finally, check if your trial has expired. It could be that you are past your due date to purchase. In that case, click the "Purchase Now" button on your Dashboard.

Publiceringsdato:: 2015.03.20   Opdatere dato: 2015.03.20