OEM Partner

Since the mid 90’s Norman has offered antivirus SDK to various partners. Based on this long experience in the OEM business Norman has one of the markets most flexible and interesting OEM programs available.

The Norman OEM and technology solution programs offer opportunities to companies to benefit from offering security software from Norman within their existing products or in addition to their solutions. Norman's security software can now be re-branded to your company brand name. This enables ISP’s and hardware manufacturers to bundle Norman’s consumer oriented products with their own product offerings, giving added value to their customers.

The Norman OEM Solution Program offers partnership opportunities like:

  • Norman Scanner Engine Software Development Kit
  • Norman Sandbox® Software Development Kit
  • Norman re-/co-branding
  • Norman  hardware and software bundling

The programs are flexible and designed especially to meet your company’s special needs and requirements.

Partnership benefits:

  • Flexible licensing terms and conditions
  • Sales support tools
  • Extended customer service

Whether you are a large or a small corporation - we have a product offering that fits you!