Patch & Remediation

Rapid, secure, and accurate Patch and Remediation Management

Cybercriminals who are using malicious software prefer the easy path: attacking client-side software that is vulnerable because software patch management is outdated, often by months or even years, leaving computers and networks wide open.

Businesses, IT professionals and administrators know that when their network is at risk; their organization is also at risk. But it is a challenging task to keep up and apply security or software changes across the entire organization.

Norman Patch and Remediation is a market-leading solution that identifies and patches vulnerabilities across the entire organization, supporting heterogeneous operating systems, configurations and all major 3rd party applications.

All these are managed through a single console.

Installation of Norman Patch and Remediation will show IT administrators which updates are done and not done, and they would be able to see whether there were any security deficiencies. You will save time, money and reduce maintenance resources with our Patch and Remediation Management.

You will be able to:

  • Automatically enforce patches, configurations, remediation and other custom and repetitive tasks.
  • Reduce maintenance resources.
  • Risk assessment and remediation with broad support across major OS platforms - all from a single console.
  • Generate diverse and flexible reporting - you will be provided with detailed information across the patch and remediation management process, including agent policy status, vulnerability deployments and more.
  • Have the flexibility to integrate the product with other Norman Enterprise Security product modules.
  • Streamline and improve IT operations and security, reduce agent bloat and improve endpoint visibility.

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