Problems delivering to Office 365 trough SecureMail

Descripción del problema

If you have problems delivering mail to Office 365 users trough SecureMail

Solución del problema

Make a Powershell script that can be run to allow all of the IP's that our O365 customers would need to allow. This creates a mail rule in the Exchange Admin Center


# Use this script to create an inbound rule for
# 365 W.15 customers using Norman SecureMail.
# more info here:

New-TransportRule -Name "Norman SecureMail" -priority 0 -comment "This rule must remain in place to allow Norman SecureMail to bypass EOP filtering." -SenderIPRanges,,,,,,,, -setscl -1

Fecha de publicación:: 2015.02.18   Fecha de actualización: 2015.02.18