Unable to fully download a folder from backup, it’s always stuck at a certain point

Descripción del problema

I want to download a folder that was earlier backed up in Norman Online Backup, but the download stops at a certain point and will not go further, even after I have restarted the application. The download will always start but never finish.

Solución del problema

This problem is usually caused by a fault in the local download queue database, and can be solved by deleting the database file on your machine.

  1. Exit the Norman Online Backup client. You can do this by right clicking it’s tray icon and selecting Quit.
  2. Delete the file dlq.db in the following folder.

For Windows Vista and Windows 7 users:
C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Norman Backup\NormanBackup\db

For Windows XP users:
C:\Documents and settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\Norman Backup\NormanBackup\db

  1. Start the Norman Online Backup client and you should now be able to download folders.

Fecha de publicación:: 2012.09.27   Fecha de actualización: 2012.11.23