Small and Medium Business best choice award 2013 for Norman SecureBox

End of this year , the security specialists Norman launched their latest Dropbox alternative: Norman SecureBox. In contrast to the well-known American service SecureBox is from beginning to end built with security in mind. Not surprising of course , given the DNA of Norman.

The service lets you easily drag and drop files from your desktop to a 'vault' on your hard drive. Since your files are stored encrypted and are automatically synchronized with the Norman cloud. That cloud sync. again with all mobile devices with Norman SecureBox app , with the result that you get to these files can be anywhere, even on the move. The difference with Dropbox : The servers are located in Europe, not in the USA . That puts agencies like the NSA offside , the Patriot Act has no effect on your data. Moreover, the whole process from beginning to end encrypted.

Another advantage : the IT department to retain control over the data, as occurs, for example an employee from service. Try to arrange if you end up data in Dropbox that well.

Files and / or folders to share with other Norman SecureBox users, via Link File / Folder Link with others who do not yet use the service. In that sense it is also a safer alternative for WeTransfer. According to an employee 's SecureBox next year, part of a larger whole, but more on that he could not reveal anything. So be prosecuted.

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