Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Norman Mobile Security require an Internet connection?

The application needs to communicate with Norman Mobile Security servers in order to determine the security status of the applications it scans and of the web pages you are visiting.

What does Norman Mobile Security need each permission for?

  • Internet access -> used for cloud communication.
  • Read phone state and identity -> used to detect if the device is connected to the Internet and to extract certain device info needed to create a unique ID when communicating to Norman Mobile Security cloud.
  • Read and write browser bookmarks -> Web Security module deletes malicious sites from your browsing history.
  • Read log data -> Norman Mobile Security detects traces of malware activity from the Android logs.
  • Read / write SMS, contacts, account data and external storage -> Required for the remote wipe feature.
  • Location -> Required for remote geolocation.

I forgot the PIN for Anti-Theft. What do I do?

Log in to your MyMobileNorman account from any web broswer, select Anti-Theft from the dashboard, then select your device. Once you are on your device's page, click   in the Actions section on the left side and select Show password.

How will Norman Mobile Security impact my device’s performance and battery autonomy?

We keep the impact very low. The application only runs when it is essential - after you install an app, when you browse the application interface or when you want a security check. Norman Mobile Security does not run in the background when you call your buddies, type a message or play a game.

What does the Privacy Advisor tell me about applications I install?

The Privacy Advisor tells you what each application is capable of doing on your device. It tells you if an application can access your private data, send messages, connect to the Internet or perform any other function that can sometimes pose risks to your security.

Can I remove an app that I consider to be a threat for my privacy?

You can manually remove an app using Privacy Advisor. To do this, tap the name of the application you want to remove, and click Uninstall. Confirm your choice and wait for the uninstall process to complete.

Can I share my thoughts about an app?

Sure! Access the Privacy Advisor module, tap the name of the application and choose the Like button if the app you want to share thoughts about is in the green category or the Dislike button if the app is in the red or yellow category.

Can I change the MyMobileNorman account linked to my device?

Yes, you can easily change the MyMobileNorman account linked to your device. All you need to do is log out of the current account from Norman Mobile Security and then log in to the new account.

What is Device Administrator?

Device Administrator is an Android feature that gives Norman Mobile Security the permissions needed in order to perform certain tasks remotely. Without these privileges, remote lock would not work and device wipe would not be able to completely remove your data. If you want to remove the app, make sure to revoke these privileges before trying to uninstall from Settings > Location & Security > Select device administrators.

What's the trusted number for?

If your phone gets into the hands of someone who has no intention of returning it to its rightful owner, it is likely that the SIM card will be changed quickly. Whenever Norman Mobile Security detects the SIM card in your phone has been changed, it automatically sends a text message containing the new phone number to the number you have set. This way, you can send SMS commands to your phone even if the SIM card is switched and its number changes. This can be the phone number of someone you know and trust, or the number of another phone you are using.

Can the trusted number be changed after I set it?

To set a different trusted number, from the Norman Mobile Security home screen tap Anti-Theft, then tap Configure SMS Control and then tap Change trusted number. You will be prompted to provide the PIN before you can change the trusted number.

How much will it cost me to send SMS commands?

SMS commands are sent as regular text messages and are therefore charged as such by your carrier. Norman Mobile Security does not charge any extra fees.

How to fix "No Google Token" error that appears when signing in to Norman Mobile Security.

This error occurs when the device is not associated with a Google account, or the device is associated with an account but a temporary problem is preventing it from connecting to Google. Try one of the following solutions:

  • Go to Android Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Norman Mobile Security and tap Clear data. Then try to sign in again.
  • Make sure your device is associated with a Google account.
  • To check this, go to Settings > Accounts & sync and see if a Google account is listed under Manage Accounts. Add your account if one is not listed, restart your device and then try to sign in to Norman Mobile Security.
  • Restart your device, then try to sign in again.