How to change the license key in Norman Security Suite and Norman Endpoint Protection


If you need to enter a new license key in Norman Security Suite or Norman Endpoint Protection, please follow these instructions.

Please note! If you have an Endpoint Manager installed in your network you only have to change the key on the Endpoint Manager server.


1.       Hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and press the R key once.
2.       In the "Run" window, type the following command:
licwiz, and press Enter
3.       The Norman License Wizard should now start. It might take up to a minute on slow computers.
4.       Type in your new licence key, select Next and then Finish


The new license key will be activated the next time your Norman-product connects to our servers to check for updates. This will normally happen automatically several times every day. You can speed it up by running Internet Update/Check for updates manually.


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