An application is blocked by the firewall, how can I change that?

Problem description

You cannot use specific applications like Internet Explorer, Outlook or another application that uses the Internet. When you disable your NSS firewall, the applications react normally again. Obviously, disabling the NSS firewall or virus scanner software entirely is not a safe solution. So we need to change the configuration instead.

When you follow this procedure your problems with the firewall and the denied applications should be solved.



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Cause of the blockade

A firewall is meant to block or allow the access to the Internet for applications. The firewall also blocks incoming connections to your computer, made by computers that are connected to the Internet.

If your firewall detects a change in any of the applications, it warns the user about it and asks whether or not to grant the changed application access to the Internet. Many times though, these changes are perfectly legitimate, especially for instance for Internet Explorer or other frequently updated Microsoft Windows components. If a user doesn’t know about those necessary changes, the user might choose to deny the connection request just to be on the safe side.

The procedure described below will help you to change the state of denied applications to  again allow them to access the Internet.


1. Rightclick the N icon to open a list of actions

2. Choose Norman Security Suite:

3. Click the Personal firewall button, you can find this button at the left hand side of the Security Suite window

4. Click on the big gray Configure button at the bottom of the window (with the: View and modify firewall rules and settings description)

5. Click the Rule editor button.

After clicking the button a wizard will appear

6. Select I want to modify or delete an existing rule radio button

7. Click Next button

8. Select the application that seems to cause the problem

9. Click Next button

10. Select the Change rule to allow radio button, after that click the Finish button.

The selected application is now free enter the Internet.

Words of caution!

Keep in mind that you should only accept the applications that you are familiar with. Normally there should not be any issues with e.g. Internet Explorer or Outlook accessing the Internet, especially after installing Windows Updates. However, you may get into trouble if you allow unknown applications access to the Internet.

Date Published: 2008.10.23   Date Updated: 2012.11.23