Reboot loop on Windows 2000

Descrizione del problema

After installing or upgrading to Endpoint Protection 9.1 on Windows 2000 the system enters a reboot loop. The following error message is given:

"Could not complete the installation or update due to an unexpected error".


Soluzione del problema

The latest Endpoint Protection version requires a specific version of a Windows DLL not present in Windows 2000. To solve this issue you will have to copy psapi.dll from a Windows XP system to the following folders on your Windows 2000 systems (before or after the install/upgrade):

c:\program files\norman\ngs\bin

c:\program files\norman\npm\bin

c:\program files\norman\nvc\bin

and then perform a reboot.


Data di pubblicazione:: 2013.11.26   Data di aggiornamento: 2013.11.26