Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to setup SecureSurf in my office?

SecureSurf setup is designed to be quick and easy. Just provide us with a few pieces of information about your network, update your DNS resolvers and you are protected from web-based threats to your network.

Can I set group or individual policies for Web traffic?

For now, you can only manage policies at a network level. We are finalizing the development of an agent that will incorporate group- or user-level policies. We expect to launch this component in the 2nd half of 2012.

Can I bypass the SecureSurf block if I need access to a page?

To access a page blocked by SecureSurf, you can enter your administrator username and password to add the site to the allowed domains list for your policy.

How can I report an issue with a site I feel should not be blocked, or has been placed in the wrong category?

If you believe a blocked site should be allowed, an allowed site should be blocked or that a site is simply mislabeled, please let us know by contacting your local support department. /about_norman/contact/information/support/0

Do I have to purchase any other Norman services to use SecureSurf?

No. Secure Surf can be purchased individually

Can I add or allow domains as needed?

Yes. Norman’s Customer Portal makes it easy to manage SecureSurf. In the Customer Portal, you can allow or block domains, block top level domains, or block web traffic from certain countries.

Does SecureSurf allow me to utilize SafeSearch by default across my network?

Yes. SecureSurf gives you the ability to force a safe search option with all major search engines. This feature can be turned on or off from Norman’s Customer Portal.

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