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What is a SecureBox account?


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Your SecureBox account is represented by the email address you entered when you signed up for SecureBox. You use your account to access your Vaults:
Can you have multiple SecureBox accounts?

You can have more than one account in your SecureBox Dashboard. This can be handy if you want to use the Vault for both personal and business reasons. However please keep in mind that multiple acocunt will also require multiple licenses.
For example, you can have multiple Vaults for business use, and one or more Vaults for personal use:
Example of usage
Account # 1: me@work.com
A Vault which you use to exchange files with yourcolleagues.
A Vault which you use to exchange files with yourcustomers or suppliers.
A Vault on which you put files which you need to work at home.
Account # 2: me@home.com
A Vault which you use to exchange files with your friends of the soccer or hockey team.
A Vault on which you put your personal files, for example pictures or music, which you also want to use on a different computer.


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