"An error has occurred" when viewing groups in Norman Endpoint Manager

Beskrivelse av problemet

When viewing groups in the Endpoint Manager-console, typically the "Lost and found" folder you are presented with an error message saying "An error has occurred".


The problem has been identified and a tool to remedy the issue has been made available.

How to use Noc_enable.exe:

a) Download the Noc_enable.exe below and copy it to [...]\Norman\noc\bin
b) Open Command prompt and navigate to [...]\Norman\noc\bin and type "Noc_enable.exe /fixstrings"
c) Wait until the command finishes, this can take some time depending on number of clients.

If you have a lot of printers, switches or other unmanaged devices detected by the Passive Discovery feature and do not have topology filter in place for sorting them into groups,
consider use "Noc_enable.exe /fixstrings /nopurge". The added /nopurge will skip deleting of unmanaged devices but in some instances this is also necessary.
If there is devices with weird names or you still experience the "An error has occurred" you must run the command again but without the /nopurge parameter. 

Publiseringsdato:: 2012.02.13   Oppdateringsdato: 2012.11.14