Satisfaction Guarantee

Welcome to Norman Safeground’s support and customer care pages.

Our local support and customer care teams are dedicated to provide you with quality and timely technical support and help. Our aim is to meet and exceed your expectations for help and support, and deliver on our promise of offering you peace of mind from internet threats and security related issues. We do our best to fulfill our company’s values and work according to the Safeground Values which are to:

  • Be transparent and honest
  • Take responsibility
  • Help solve problems
  • Exceed promises and expectations

To be able to meet and exceed your expectations we also need feedback to improve, especially on how you perceive our level of service and competence. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, or feel the need to escalate anything, feel free to contact me.

altJohn Øyvind Friberg
Vice President Customer Care

email John Øyvind Friberg