Norman Announces New Security-as-a-Service Solution

Easy-to-Use, Cloud-Based Secure Email, Web Surfing and Backup

Oslo, Norway, 5 June, 2012 - Norman ASA, a leading network security company, announced today that Norman Online Protection (NOP), a high performance Security-as-a-Service solution for fast and easy-to-use cloud-based secure email, secure web surfing and secure online backup, is now available.

Norman’s cloud-based services deliver the highest level of security protection for email communication and web surfing to stop malware and other threats before they reach an organization’s information systems. Norman Online Protection is placed outside an organization’s network and can be rapidly and cost effectively set up, requiring no hardware or software installation.

Norman’s Online Protection consists of three services, Norman SecureTide, Norman SecureSurf and Norman Personal Backup.

Norman SecureTide is a fully managed, cloud-based email protection service for all business sizes which eliminates 99% of unwanted email before it reaches a user’s network. This is a powerful and flexible service that enables organizations of any size to manage email communications with the most advanced protection available. This cost-effective system is continually updated 2,000-4,000 times a day to ensure the highest level of available protection.

Norman Secure Surf is a security service for all business sizes which protects an organization’s network from web-based malware attacks and shield’s users from unwanted offensive content. With SecureSurf, sites known to have malicious content are blocked automatically. Additionally, the service allows IT organizations to set user policies to determine appropriate web surfing behavior and improve productivity. Unlike other web filtering services that inhibit web surfing performance by routing traffic through a proxy server, SecureSurf’s DNS lookup engine immediately determines the safety and appropriateness of a site based on threat detection technology and preset policies.

Norman Personal Backup is a service for small businesses, home offices and consumers. Norman Personal Backup delivers industry-leading safe and affordable storage with flexible access from PC and Mac and mobile platforms including Android and Apple iOS devices.

Research indicates that more than one-in-five users never backup, even though the value of the data on a computer – irreplaceable files and personal data – exceeds the value of the PC platform itself. Secure online backup solutions are increasingly preferred because hardware backup appliances are vulnerable to breakdown and failure.

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