Maskin- och programvarupaket

Add value to your current product portfolio using Norman's products as an additional “security offering". Offering your customers a security product form Norman, will increase your image as being a “security conscious" vendor taking your customers security needs seriously.

Bundle a security solution from Norman will increase your “products" competitiveness and might just be the reason why your product is chosen instead of the competitor. Your support burden will also be reduced, as customers will not longer call in asking for what to do when e.g. a virus infected their system and they have lost files or even worse the system will not longer start.

To ease installation the Norman product can be placed on the PC or on a companion CD. During the installation it will update itself thus eliminating the risk of “old stock". The flexibility of the solution gives you the possibility to decide how long time a license shall be valid, and the counting starts when the customer does the fist update. The system can give you valuable customer data, as the customer will need to enter a valid email address along with country of origin in order to obtain a valid license.

You will have the possibility of additional revenue, as you may be given kick back on license renewals and additional sales of the Norman products at our Web Shop.

Norman marketing materials and sales tools will be made available to you to help the bundling increase your sales of your native products.

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