Norman Safeground Launches Mobile Security for Android

Explosion in Android malware makes protection more necessary than ever

Over the past year there has been a strong growth in malware that affects users of Android, which means that it is extremely important for Android users to protect themselves. And the danger is not only malware, but also the threat of privacy loss from apps.

According to a recent report* over 1% of all Android phones are infected by malware, and the threat is growing rapidly. With Android's market share, this corresponds to approx. 20,000 infected phones in Norway alone, which represents the entire Lillehammer's population.

- The time is ripe for Android users protect themselves, and therefore we are now introducing Mobile Security for Android, says CTO Arne Uppheim in the Norwegian security company Norman Safeground. - Our solution is easy to use, it is activated only when the user installs something new and as we are using cloud-based scanning we won’t adversely affect the performance and battery life of the phone.

What is the risk?

In 2013 the apps on Android Market that contained the malware BadNews wasdownloaded over 2 million times before Google removed them. BadNews appears as an innocent ad network, but stole private information about you from your phone and download new malware to your phone completely bypassing Google Play.

There are also examples of Android malware which spams contacts in your address book or which incur high phone bills from so-called premium numbers, steal credit card information, or attempt to defraud your online banking, as well as programs which secretly take over your phone completely  and use it to for criminal acts. These are just a few of many examples of malware for Android that users must be aware of and make the use of premium protection necessary.

Privacy protection and anti - theft

You should also be concerned about privacy. Although many apps do not contain malware, they can still collect and log more data about you than you want. As this is not so easy for everyone to keep track of, Norman Mobile Security also contains a user-friendly ' Privacy Advisor', which tells you which apps you have installed that ask for more permissions than they actually need.

Norman Mobile Security also provides an easy anti - theft solution to remotely locate, lock and delete content on your mobile phone if it is lost.

Good use habits are not enough

We recommend all Android users to be very careful and consider closely what links they click on, and which web pages they visit. Do not install software from unknown sources, and make sure that you don’t accept apps which require permissions they don’t need, says Uppheim. Modern malware has now become so cunning that it is easy for anyone to fall into the trap, and for less than €8 per year Norman Mobile Security can give you peace of mind.

Key Features Norman Mobile Security:

  • Anti - virus solution with cloud-based scanning
  • Scanning of application during installation
  • Privacy Policy Consultations
  • Protection against unsafe websites
  • Anti - theft solution to remotely locate, lock and delete content on your mobile
  • Ability to send messages to mobile
  • Unsurpassed, free local support


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( * ) Alcatel - Lucent 2013 Malware report .


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