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80% of emails contain spam, with over 10% of these emails containing malicious content - the ever increasing amount of malware online, forces businesses to take precautions to ensure the integrity of their networks and PCs.

Are you concerned about the level of email protection your business has? Is the increasing prevalence of malware creating a concern for your businesses security? Are you looking for an onsite solution where you have full control with inbound and outbound email?

Norman Email Protection – premium onsite protection of your business email.

Norman Email Protection provides your organization with the tools to effectively counter security threats such as spam, viruses, fraud, phishing, botnets and other unauthorized communication.

By combining industry-leading anti-spam technology and a fully integrated antivirus engine, Norman Email Protection effectively counters today’s growing email-borne threats. With modularized security architecture and a myriad of methods for scanning and filtering messages, Norman Email Protection delivers effective and reliable protection for today’s email networks.


Features and Benefits


Integration with Exchange
Designed as a perimeter defense to protect your Microsoft® Exchange server, the Norman Email Protection solution transparently integrates with Exchange through ActiveDirectory.


Direct Quarantine
Relieve the burden from IT administrators with direct quarantine, an Outlook add-on module that provides end-user control of quarantined emails directly from Outlook.


Powerful Anti-Spam Engine
With the proprietary Sequential Content Analyzer (SCA™), spam simply cannot get through.


Administrative and End-User Reporting
Norman Email Protection provides detailed reporting and administration for both the IT manager and the end users.


Zero-Hour Updates
The Security Operations Team is on the job 24/7, monitoring the Internet for new and evolving threats and providing updates on a 15 minute basis.

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