Content Wizard

Simplify Desktop and System Management Tasks with Wizard-based Policy Creation and Enforcement.

Norman Content Wizard extends the core functionality of Norman Patch and Remediation to cost-effectively streamline desktop and system management tasks - without requiring additional tools and costs. Norman Content Wizard features easy- to- use wizards as well as manual script editors to create specialized content that allows you to:

  • Reduce power consumption by standardizing policy-based power settings
  • Optimize IT efficiencies and improve software usage compliance with policy-based deployment and removal of new and updated software
  • Enforce security configuration policies based on industry best practices
  • Centralize and automate time-consuming system and desktop configuration tasks across the entire network
  • Centrally deploy, manage and report on all scripting actions throughout the organization
  • Ensure standardized detections, deployments and reporting by enabling shared content among separate divisions via a secure-access site

How Norman Content Wizard Works

Norman Content Wizard simplifies the development, management, distribution and reporting of desktop and system management configuration tasks. Custom content packages are created using Norman Content Wizard and are seamlessly uploaded to the Norman Patch and Remediation Server. Utilize Norman Patch and Remediation to assess applicability of your custom packages across your enterprise. Deploy your custom content to all managed endpoints using standard Norman Patch and Remediation deployment tools. Validate, audit and report.

Enforce Local Policies: Increase your overall security posture with automated management and enforcement of local security configuration policies (e.g. disabling guest accounts, turning off unnecessary services, enforcing password complexity) based on industry best practices.


Power Savings: Easily reduce endpoint energy costs and enforce “Green” policies with centralized management and enforcement of power options including monitor, hard drive, standby, and hibernation settings.


Custom detection, deployment and patching: Easy-to-use wizard-based creation of custom software patch remediation packages