Registration required when running Internet Update

Problem description

When I try to update my installation by running Internet Update, I get the error message

Registration required


The reason for this may be several. Common for all scenarios is that you have tried to validate with a syntactically correct key (otherwise you would have got another error message). However that key is not in our key database (yet) - see below.

Scenario 1:
You have got a new authentication key and are using an old one in your installation

If you have a previous installation of Norman Virus Control or Norman Internet Control, and  then changed to to the other product, you will always get a new key. The old key is then revoked.

Your first attempt in correcting the Registration requred error should be to check if the key in your installation is the same one as the latest one you have got from any Norman representative.

Scenario 2:
You have just used one of Norman's registration pages to get a new key, and the email with the key has just arrived

It may take some time from the key is issued to it is updated in Norman's centalized databases. The reason for this is that the replication system may be busy with some time-consuming task.

Please try to wait for one hour or two and try again.

Scenario 3:
You have waited several hours and the same error message is still displayed

An error may have occurred in our system

You should contact Norman support.

Always include your authentication key in the request.

Date Published: 2012.12.17   Date Updated: 2012.12.17