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On average, 24% of computers are running out of date malware protection, or no protection at all. With the ever increasing threat of cybercrime, can your business really afford to not be protected by the best and easiest solution?

Norman Endpoint Protection – total IT security for small and medium businesses

Norman Endpoint Protection constantly protects PCs, file servers and email servers against the latest malware, viruses and spyware. Norman’s latest Endpoint Protection solution has improved malware detection and cleaning, and supports Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Exchange 2013.

With Norman Endpoint Protection, you have the freedom to focus on growing your business while your systems are protected.


Features and Benefits


Premium protection
Norman Endpoint Protection is using the most advanced technologies providing the best protection in all areas of your systems against known and unknown malware.

Norman Intrusion Guard

Norman Intrusion Guard
Norman Intrusion Guard applies HIPS (Host-based Intrusion Prevention System) to provide real time protection from known and unknown malicious attacks. It is an expert tool to prevent installation of unknown and possibly unwanted software.


Centralized management
Norman Endpoint Protection provides complete centralized supervision of all the company network computers and servers in a single console (Endpoint Manager).


Easy to install, deploy and operate
Norman Endpoint Protection installs in minutes, and its intuitive user interface shows you automatically all clients and servers in your network. You can easily set your group policies. And the topology filters allow you to allocate machines into policy groups and assign to midlevel Endpoint Managers (or locations) based on machine information like DNS name or IP. Deploy protection to selected computers, and they will be kept updated and stay secure while reporting status to the Endpoint Manager. You can also set automatic report by email and SNMP to notify you when errors occur. Remote access allows you to operate your endpoint managers even when you are outside the company network.


Scalable solution
Norman Endpoint Protection may be implemented at the smallest remote locations, yet scales cost effectively.

Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive User Interface
Operating the Norman Endpoint Manager is made easy through logical, drag-and-drop actions for endpoints, groups and security policies management.

Silent clients

Silent clients
As an option you can decide to leave the client security “silent”. This functionality allow certain configurations, such as POS terminals in retail or other public desktops to remain free from security message interruptions – while at the same time remaining fully secure.

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