Norman SecureSurf

The Web has become a minefield of malicious content. Norman SecureSurf keeps your employees from viruses caught by visiting an affected yet legitimate website, known as “drive-by infection”, protecting your corporate network and your bottom line.

Norman SecureSurf – the easy way to protect your employees and corporate network.

Norman SecureSurf automatically blocks sites known to have malicious content, and also allows you to set your own policies to determine what other types of sites are prohibited and which are permitted. It is always on and continuously updated and does not require any hardware or software. It will not bog down your staff with frequent updates, patches or maintenance. You will get the controls your business needs without the complexity and cost of other Web-security services.


Features and Benefits

Total control

Protects your employees and your network
Web sites known to have malicious content are blocked automatically, protecting your employees and keeping your network secure at the same time.


Protects beyond your corporate firewall
Employees working outside the office, will also be protected through the new agent specifically designed to ensure secure browsing outside the corporate firewall.

File Download Tracking

Enforce company policies
Set user policies to determine appropriate web surfing by blocking access to unwanted, or even illegal, websites based on category filtering both inside and outside the corporate firewall.

Access Control

Allows different levels of filtering for different workgroups or individuals
With the included agent, you can enforce different levels of filtering for workgroups and individuals, keeping your businesses security a priority.

Easy and instant setup

Deploys quickly and customizes easily
Just provide us with a few pieces of information about your network, update your DNS resolvers, and you are protected from web-based threats to your network.

Daily backup

Real time security
Norman SecureSurf captures information about bad URLs from a number of sources, enabling the service to protect companies from emerging dangerous sites. Among the security sources employed are the most effective malware protection services available.

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