SecureTide - "Held Spam” reports

Problem description

This document is aimed at customers with a Norman SecureTide account, and demonstrates how you can create users to receive “Held Spam” reports.


The SecureTide system will automatically withhold any email that it regards as Spam for both specific users that exist in the Customer Portal for SecureTide and for users that are do not exist in the portal.
But only users that exist in the Customer Portal will get “Held Spam” reports daily.
Held emails that users want to release can be directly released from the “Held Spam” email the users receive.

Example: A list of users in the Customer Portal

Here you can see 5 users, with the “” user given admin rights (indicated by the yellow shield to the right of the username).

Creating users individually

You can create a single user in the main landing page of the Customer Portal.
It is required to create a user for each account who wants a daily Held Spam Report

To add a user to the user list, click Add New User

Enter required information such as email address, in addition to a password (recommended)

In addition, select whether or not the end-user should receive a welcome email from the service, if the user should receive a daily Held Spam Report etc.
If you select “Grant admin rights”, the user can make changes to domain settings, and also add new users etc.
If you have several users, you can Bulk Add User.

Click Add User when finished.

Bulk Add Users

It is possible to bulk-add users. This can be done from SpamLab->Tools, and select Bulk Add Users from the menu.

LDAP sync to add users

It is also possible to import users from email servers such as MS Exchange by using LDAP to synchronize the user database. This will also retain any users aliases. Only usernames will be synchronized, not password information will be accessed or retrieved.

Held Spam reports for existing users

To enable “Held Spam” report for existing users, if it is not enabled already, you have to go open the user, select “SpamLab” and the check the “Receive held spam reports”.

Date Published: 2012.11.16   Date Updated: 2012.11.16