How to create a Norman Rescue Disk

Problem description

How can I create a Norman rescue CD from the ISO file


  1. Download and install the free tool: Linux Live USB Creator
  2. Select your USB drive and the ISO image you downloaded.
  3. Uncheck all “Options” unless told to Format the drive
  4. Click the lightning icon to transfer the files and make the USB bootable
  5. Open a command prompt and switch to the USB drive (for example j: - if your USB stick is mounted in a different drive letter, replace j: with the drive letter of the USB stick)
  6. Type j: and press Enter
  7. Within command prompt, switch to the syslinux folder (cd syslinux)
  8. Enter “syslinux.exe –ma j:” (without ““) Note the letter j: represent the drive letter for the mounted USB stick. If your USB stick is mounted as a different drive letter, please use this.

Date Published: 2014.04.08   Date Updated: 2014.04.08