Loss of network connection after upgrading to Norman Security Suite 9

Problem description

In some rare cases we have observed that the Norman Internet Update application crashes when upgrading Norman Security Suite from version 8 to version 9. This might lead to loss of network connection.


If you are affected, please use one of the following workarounds.

Workaround 1 (for novice users):

  1. Stop the Norman Zanda service (Rigth click Computer/My Computer, Select Manage. Navigate to Services and Applications|Services. Locate the Norman Zanda service and stop it).
  2. Uninstall Norman Security Suite from Control Panel|Programs
  3. Reboot your computer
  4. Reinstall Norman  Security Suite 9 (if you don't have the installation file, you will have to download it to another computer and move it via a USB memory stick)

Workaround 2 (for advanced users):

  1.     Start a command promt session (Start|All Programs|Accessories|Right click "Command Prompt" and choose Run as Administrator).
  2.     Type cd\ and press Enter
  3.     Type cd "Program Files"\norman\ngs\bin and press Enter
  4.     Type nnf.exe /unload and press Enter
  5.     Type cd\ and press Enter
  6.     Type cd "Program Files"\norman\npf\bin and press Enter
  7.     Type npfcmd32.exe /pause and press Enter
  8.     Type niu.exe and press Enter
  9.     Wait for the program to download and install missing files


Date Published: 2011.11.02   Date Updated: 2013.10.24