Meet the team

Management team


Arne Uppheim, Chief Technology Officer

Arne brings a wealth of IT experience, after working in the IT industry for over 20 years with mainly international companies. His background includes working as Publisher in IDG and 8 years in Microsoft, where he worked with international business development and as European lead for product marketing for online services and Windows. Arne leads our product and technology groups – Development Center, QA, Product Management and Business Development.

Arne Uppheim linkedin email Arne Uppheim


Isabella Alveberg, Chief Marketing Officer

With over 25 years’ experience within the media, online and IT industry from companies such as Bonnier, Microsoft and Schibsted, Isabella has been in charge of marketing at Norman Safeground since 2012.

She and her team work constantly to better understand our customers and provide them with the services and information they want.

Isabella Alveberg linkedin email Isabella Alveberg


Øyvind Sæta, Director Finance and IT

Øyvind has 15 years experience in auditing, consulting and various financial functions within the international technology companies and investment companies. Øyvind manages Norman Safegrounds Finance and IT department with a strong focus on  business and commercial results..

Øyvind Sæta linkedin email Øyvind Sæta


John Øyvind Friberg, Vice President Customer Care

John Øyvind has been working with Norman Safeground for over 13 years with a prior background from the hardware and consultancy business. He is responsible for all our technical support staff internationally and makes sure we continuously provide the best overall customer experience with premium security products, and truly excellent customer care.

John Øyvind Friberg linkedin email John Øyvind Friberg


Kjersti Skotte, Director HR and Culture

Kjersti has worked with Human Resources for 16 years, both for ABB in Norway and St. Andrew’s Group in the US and strongly believes in the value of strategic HR Management. Joining Norman Safeground in 2012, she is dedicated to ensuring an environment where people are seen, included and enabled to deliver, teach and learn. 

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Regional sales

Francois_ Tschachtli  

Francois Tschachtli – Territory Director Switzerland, Benelux and International

Francois joined Norman Switzerland in 1996, and is responsible for the Swiss, Dutch and other international markets. Prior to joining Norman Safeground, Francois worked with Unisys and at a large Swiss reseller. He has over 25 years’ experience within the IT industry.

Ensuring continuous and excellent customer satisfaction, no matter in which geographic region or culture is Francois’ key formula for success.

Francois Tschachtli linkedin email Francois Tschachtli


Stefan Angerer – Country Manager Germany and Austria

Stefan brings over 20 years’ experience from the IT and telecommunications industry in Germany, mainly from mid-sized German providers as well as international companies, to Norman Safeground. Joining in 2003, Stefan is proud of delivering premium security solutions and outstanding services to our long-standing partners and their customers.

Stefan Angerer linkedin email Stefan Angerer


Svein Anders Aarsbog, Sales Director Scandinavia

Svein Anders joined Norman Safeground in 2012 after 15 years in IT sales and is responsible for our Scandinavian sales. Along with his talented sales team, Svein Anders aims to ensure that our partners and customers get the best customer experience and the best security products.

Svein Anders Aarsbog linkedin email Svein Anders Aarsbog