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The ever increasing amount of malware online, forces businesses to take precautions to ensure the integrity of their networks and PCs. Are you concerned about the level of email protection your business has? Is the increasing prevalence of malware creating a concern for your businesses security?

Norman SecureMail - eliminate unwanted email before it reaches your network.

SecureMail is an anti-spam service that enables you to save time and money by blocking unwanted messages and keeping system free of adware, spyware and viruses.

This is a powerful and flexible service that enables organizations of any size to manage email communications with the same level of control and protection as the Fortune 500. No hardware or software is required.


Features and Benefits


Real-time protection from today’s IT threats
Norman SecureMail offers 99 percent effectiveness in blocking spam and malware before it reaches your network.


Simple implementation
No hardware or local software installation required, and it's compatible with all email servers.


Inbound and outbound email protection
Not only does SecureMail protect your incoming emails, our outbound email filtering program cleans all outgoing emails from the network.


Daily Held Spam reports
The service cleans all incoming emails for viruses, spam and phishing, and the user will receive a daily report on any blocked emails held in quarantine.


Disaster email recovery service included
If a client server is not accepting email for any reason, SecureMail's delivery manager will queue email until the client server is back online.

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