Strong growth in security threats for Mac

It’s a myth to believe that Mac users aren’t vulnerable.

Oslo, March 27th, 2014: With the increase in significant security threats targeted at Macs recently, it is important that Mac users now understand that they are also at risk and should take precautions. To ignore these threats would be naive and dangerous, says CTO Arne Uppheim in the Norwegian security company Norman Safeground.

As virus and malware have become a very real threat to Mac users, the Norwegian security company Norman Safeground is launching a security solution for Mac to protect Mac users from internet threats. Norman's security solution for Mac protects not only against malware from files and downloads, but also offers protection against malicious e - mails and active protection against threats while surfing the web, to give Mac users total protection against threats which are more prevalent than ever. The solution is designed to be effective against modern threats and to be very fast and resource friendly.

False sense of security

A survey conducted by Norstat in 2013 on behalf of Norman Safeground showed that 44 % of those without any security solution on their computers, say that it is due to them having a Mac and therefore they don’t need any protection.
While it is true that Mac users were not as exposed before, this has recently changed dramatically, in line with increased market share for Apple products. Mac Flashback is an example of malware that infected as many as 1% of all Macs. And recently, a number of other examples showed malware stealing data or otherwise compromising the user's machine. Also Apple themselves recently confirmed a serious security hole that have been used to infect Mac users.

Most security threats today are financially motivated cybercrime, and with the growth of Apple Mac users they are becoming an increasingly attractive target group for these criminals. - While Windows users are more aware of the threats, I think unfortunately many Mac users still think they are safe from malware and thus not protecting their devices , with the result that they become even more vulnerable .

Key Features Norman Antivirus for Mac

  • Protection against unsafe websites
  • Protection, blocking and removal tools
  • Automatic Updates
  • Memory Stick scanning
  • Low resource usage
  • Unrivalled local support


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