Empty NEP Quarantine page after login

Problem description

When attempting to log into the Quarantine pages on the Norman Email Protection server, you are redirected to a completely blank page.


The Web program is attempting to connect to the SMTP server with an incorrect IP address. Either an invalid IP address was entered or your network configuration has changed and the IP addresses were not updated for the Web program.


Reminder: Any IP address change on the NEP server is not automatically inherited by WebMail or WebQuarantine and must be configured manually in the Web program files.

To fix this issue, follow this guide:

  1. In Windows Explorer, go to …\Norman\Web\WebQuarantine and open the webmailsvr.ini file with Notepad.
  2. Verify that the addresses after “host=” and “ModusGateServer=” are the NEP server IP address.
    This should be the first static IP address of the server (from the first NIC card if there are multiple NICs installed).
    NOTE: You can normally jump right to step 5.
  3. Verify if the machine is able to resolve the loopback address ( entered for the SMTP, POP and IMAP connections.
  4. If your firewall or network security does not permit the use of this IP address, replace it in the webmailsvr.ini file with either "localhost" or the actual static IP of the server.
  5. Save the file is a change is made.
  6. Stop and start the all the services in the NEP->System->Services. It might also be necessary to restart the IIS service.

Date Published: 2011.11.17   Date Updated: 2012.11.14