Potential false positive virus alarm

Problem description

Norman's antivirus program reports that one of my files is infected by a malicious program. However, I suspect that the file is clean, and that this is a false virus alarm. What do I do?


It is inevitable that any antivirus vendor sometimes defines a perfectly innocent program component (file) as a malicious program. The complexity of malicious software and correspondingly the antivirus programs, as well as the vast number of malware that is processed each day unfortunately have such consequences. Even though the antivirus vendors of course make their utmost to avoid so-called "false positives".

Zip the file that you suspect is erroneously defined as malicious, and send it to us via email. (You will find contact information on the Support page).

Before you submit any file that you suspect is a false positive, please make sure that you have updated your antivirus program with the latest virus detection files.

Date Published: 2006.11.24   Date Updated: 2015.04.14