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Norman Personal Backup

We rely on our computers for most everyday stuff like banking, work, storing photos, storing important documents and more. Because your computer, and more importantly the information it stores, is invaluable, it is critical that you protect it from loss, theft or hard drive crashes. Norman Personal Backup can protect you and your important stuff, with a secure, easy to use and automatic backup solution.

Key benefits


Ensure your files are safe
Ensure your important documents, pictures and digital memories are always safe even if your computer crashes. Get easy access to previous file versions you’ve been working on, and just in case you accidentally delete a file, you can retrieve it within 30 days.


Share your files easily
Share your latest holiday photos, of any size, with anyone by sending them a downloadable link via email.


Flexible storage space
Choose the ideal solution for you, with easy upgrade options if you need more space.


Secure Storage
Your data is stored in our Norwegian data center, and protected under strict Norwegian privacy laws.


Access your files anywhere
Save your photos and other personal files on your computer and access them from your mobile devices or directly from any computers in your online account. Get easy access to your backed up files from your iPhone or Android with the free Norman Personal Backup App.


Automatically synchronize – new
Now you can automatically synchronize files between all your computers and devices. With Automatic sync you choose and control what to sync. Put files and folders into the sync folder and they are synchronized instantly.


Shared folders – new
Now you and your friends can work together with the new function. In shared folders, files are synchronized to team members as soon as the file is saved.

free 30-day trial Personal Backup


Find the ideal solution for you

norman personal backup norman personal backup

Storage: 20    500 gigabyte
 +  : Unlimited devices (PC/Mac)

Storage: Unlimited
  /  : Pay per device (PC/Android/Mac)

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SGD 3.6

SGD 6.0

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 1 computer (PC/Mac)
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* GB = Gigabyte

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